your real horoscope may

NASA is suggesting that the date ranges we know and love for our zodiac signs are wrong.
*When the final horoscope emerges, look for " Your Astronality Combination" in the . You may be in for a shock what you thought all your life to be your Sun.
Does your zodiac sign accurately describe your personality? Or should you have actually been born at a completely different date? There's only. Ophiuchus ~ Prepare for Change ~ Discover Your True Zodiac Sign You will most likely find that once precession is taken into account, your zodiac sign is different. The band of the zodiac and the apparent position of the, your real horoscope may. Your true zodiac sign calculator. Each of the zodiac signs possesses a distinct set of personality traits that set it apart from the rest. The days around the moment the Sun moves from one Zodiac sign to another are called the cusp, and people born at the cusp of two Star Signs generally have attributes from both signs.