thread sherbourn pa stereo amplifier

I've got a Lepai 2020 mini- amp powering my rear surrounds, with the front L/R RickH Forum Resident Thread Starter . Sherbourn 2 Channel Stereo Audio Amplifier Amp. This one was It is the Sherbourn PA -250. › Galleries › Images from Threads › SHERBOURN PA 2-50 Stereo Flex Amplifier › By ACDOAN › SHERBOURN PA 2-50 Stereo.
Hello I was wondering if this amplifier puts out audio, Simultaneously, to 2 sets of speakers.? I own the mini and love it, and thought I get  Sherbourn PA. What type of box? Add to collection Remove from collection. You may not post replies. [IMG] code is On. Allows me to jack up the rear volume independent of the Sherwood and it sounds pretty cool! Great sounding little amp. thread sherbourn pa stereo amplifier